Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Just before 19:00 and Deputy Blog and his missus were coming back from Coop when they were overtaken by the Coastguard Truck with trailer. Truck and trailer means cliff job so it was a quick but careful drive up to Durlston Country Park. On arrival it became apparent that a deer had fallen over the cliff and was in need of rescue. Austen and Tom started the search...it was their job after all.

After 20 minutes of searching using the cliff equipment nothing was found. Shortly thereafter the Sea Safari 2 (the boat who called the Coastguard initially) came to the base of the cliffs and pointed out where the deer had landed.

Austen decided it was a lifeboat job and the Swanage Inshore Rescue Boar (IRB) were requested and quickly on scene. After some tooing and throwing the deer, which was battered and bruised, was brought on board the IRB before a quick dash to Durlston Bay to release it in order that it might recover on its own.

See the deer, smiley Sam and the crew here...

...and some clifftop shots also:-


Thanks to the Sea Safari 2, Swanage IRB and Heather, Ian and Sue who lent a hand.

“So what sort of deer was it?” I hear you ask

... no idea.

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