Sunday, 4 October 2009

Terra Firma versus Terry Firmer

Terra firma is a Latin phrase meaning "solid earth".

Well there wasn’t much of that on Studland Beach yesterday. The wind blown sand across the beach looked picture postcard perfect but it's a right cow to drive on. (That’s a technical 4wd driving term).

(Above: Is that Brian Driving? Yes it's a library photo)

The vehicle which is heavily laden with rescue kit likes to get stuck in soft sand and no-one wants to phone Ian or Aus and say the words “…um I’ve got the vehicle stuck”. Now you wouldn’t actually get told off for getting the vehicle stick but you would get merciless leg pulling and probably win an award at the Christmas meal. Yes you could dig it out but when that fails it’s the National Trust Tractor. Still it’s better than phoning up and saying “…um I’ve disappeared up to the bonnet in sand and I think the front wheels may have come off”

So faced with the impending prospect of the ‘stuck vehicle award” Terry demonstrated how to handle the truck on sand. – The ‘Terry Firmer’ style of driving. Basically shove it in high gear 4wd and with no public around keep the speed up along the beach. If you stop or turn sharply you sink. Not the most comfy of rides but pretty effective. “It’s like driving a boat!” said Terry, and it was with the vehicle fishtailing everywhere.

‘Terry Firmer’ is a Latin phrase to describe a “unique style of driving on sand”

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