Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Did the earth move?

Last weeks detonation of the bomb, caused a few comments to be made.

Why didn't we tell people? - Answer the risk to the public was low as long as they stayed out of the exclusion zone. If the event was advertised then it would be difficult to control the areas closed off.

Some thought it was a mini earth tremor - it certainly made the pier wobble and was felt in the health centre.

But then my thoughts turned to how the bomb got there and did some research on the Internet.
I knew from a local book that Swanage had more air raids than London, reading various reports it seems that Swanage was often the first bit of land the bombers flew over before heading to Bristol or up north to other major cities. Perhaps the aircraft had a problem and turned back dropping its load over the sea.

I guess we will never know, however having seen the results at sea I'm glad it landed where it did!

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