Sunday, 24 June 2018

A long afternoon

As the sun sets on Swanage the team have just completed six hours of searching and five incidents during that time.

This afternoons patrol headed straight to the sunken boat off the boat park to check on the pollution.
Thankfully nothing was found and the boat has now been recovered to the boat park.

The team were then tasked to assist Dorset Police with a search for a missing 60 year old female. Making several sweeps of the shoreline from Ballard to Peveril Point the lady was found by Police in the town. DorSAR and the RNLI lifeguards also assisted in the search.

During the search the team also dealt with a motor boat which was believed to have broken down, a missing child which was quickly located and a jet ski which appeared in trouble.

A special thank you to several local cafes who kindly looked after the team in providing drinks and food to them during the search.

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