Friday, 6 April 2018

The Power of Social Media

The team was called out on Friday night following reports of a dog over the cliff at the Downs and of two people who it was thought may have been missing after going to look for it. 

Whislt the team searched the base of the cliffs from Zig Zag back towards Peveril Point, the SO suggested putting a post on our Facebook page to see if anyone knew the persons over the cliff and whether they'd made it home safe and sound.

We issued a post from the scene and in a short space of time it had been shared 34 times and had reached over 3000 people. In approximately 10 minutes, the dog owner called the Ops Room having seen the post and confirmed that all was well and everyone accounted for, and the team duly stood down and returned to base.

The power of Social Media!

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