Saturday, 3 March 2018

Busy in the snow

As mentioned yesterday the team have been assisting partner agencies in the last three days mainly due to the bad weather.

The team have attended and monitored the flood barriers at high tide assisting the Town Council and Environment Agency.

A call to assist the ambulance to get to a medical incident.

Transport two nurses to various locations during the snow.

Recover a boat trailer being swept out in rough seas.

Recover a small dinghy washed up.

Tape off a structure on the beach which has become undermined in the bad weather.

Monitoring the barrier and ensuring people are safe during the high tide.

The barrier seems to have done its job and prevented flooding of nearby properties.

The force of the sea has moved the barrier several times.

There is debris washed up on the road. Town Council and Highway staff will attend and clear the road.

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