Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Temporary Sea Defence - First Deployment

The Environment Agency (EA) recently stationed an emergency modular flood barrier in Swanage for rapid response to low tidal flows and levels of flooding.

Swanage Town Council will be guardians of this equipment and will install it at the request of the EA, but the Coastguard also has a role to play in protecting members of the public and the Council team during installation and potentially deploying the barrier ourselves at times of short notice.

The DSO went for a briefing on the new equipment earlier in the week and gave it a good look over, whilst the Town Council deployed it today in readiness for tonight's high tide which is scheduled at 20:05 hrs.

The barriers are designed to hold back 500mm of flood water rather than prevent the odd wave crashing over.  It has been surges from high tide levels that has caused previous flooding in the lower High Street.
Thanks to Irene Wade, Ali Temel and Adrian Wright for kindly letting us use their photos today

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