Friday, 15 December 2017

The Best Blog in Purbeck - 2017

This very blog won an award yesterday - it was voted 'Best Blog' in the 2017 Best In Purbeck Awards.

Organised by Dorset Holiday Cottages, the awards celebrate Excellence on the peninsula where we live and they cover a variety of categories including Best Place to Eat, Best Attraction, Best Event and Best Local Producer.  Thanks to the organisers for arranging the competition, and it was particularly pleasing to win as we didn't even realise we had been entered - we may have had a dozen mire votes had we known!

Our friends at Purbeck Footprints came in second place in the blog category - well done Julian, but I suspect you probably needed to include a few Coastguards to make your pictures stand out a bit more.

Incidentally, the blog started out in 2008 to document the build of our new station in North Beach car park, but has since shifted focus to reflect daily life for the volunteers in the team. This post is the 3,252nd post since we started!

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