Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Stolen - Team Member's Paddle Sports Equipment

Many of the team have 'outdoors' type hobbies,  such as walking, cycling, climbing, kayaking, diving etc which is partly what makes them good Coastguards - the fact that they know the local terrain and understand the sports that go on here and the mishaps that can sometimes happen.
So it was particularly frustrating today when one of our Coastguards discovered that a whole load of specialist kit had disappeared from his washing line where it had been drying.
If you see or are offered any of the following paddle sports kit, please either let us or the police know:
-Palm Torrent dry suit - blue XL
-Black WRSI helmet with green visor
-Red Peak River Guide Buoyance Aid with rescue kit and first aid kit in front pocket and cow's tail attached
-Black Five Tennies paddle sports boots size 10
-Whetman spray deck with RAY written on the grab loop
-Palm neoprene socks (heaven knows why anyone would pinch those!)
-Pink plastic tub

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