Sunday, 3 September 2017

Bella says Thankyou

You may remember an incident earlier in the summer when we recovered 'Bella', the golden retriever from off the cliffs below the Downs at Swanage.
Although Bella's owners were very appreciative at the time, they decided to come back to Swanage last week and say thankyou properly and to meet the team.
We met at the CG Station and chatted for an hour or so over a cup of tea and the couple said they had seen us at an incident a couple of days earlier; like many, they hadn't realised that we are just volunteers who all have day jobs as well.
It was great to see the family all back together with both their dogs safe and sound and our thanks go out to them for coming to see us and for their kindness.

Naturally, we couldn't miss out on the opportunity for a quick photo for the album!

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