Saturday, 5 November 2016

Mud Rescue Training

In our second training session of the week, the team learned the 'theory' being mud rescue, with a 'practical' to follow next week.

All Coastguard Rescue teams are trained in First Aid, Search and Water Rescue techniques. In addition,  and depending on their location, some are also trained in rope rescue (cliffs) or in mud rescue.

With the northern part of our boundary being along the shoreline of Poole Harbour,  it's been decided that we ought to have a mud rescue capability too, and so this session was the first in that process.

Below we see Allan our SCOO, explaining how the lance pushes water and air underneath a stuck person to loosen the mud around them and free them.  Ian tries it out in the station and then, with the water jetting, he gives it a go outdoors.  Next time it'll be in the mud!

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