Sunday, 11 September 2016

Community Coastguard

Another busy day yesterday for the volunteer Coastguard Rescue Officers.

The full team were paged just after 7am to the sad report of a body washed up on Studland Beach. The team were joined near to the training bank with colleagues from Poole RNLI , Dorset Police and South Western Ambulance.

It was then out for a patrol around the folk festival in the town and despite the weather everyone was enjoying themselves.

Just as the patrol were packing away, the Deputy Station Officer was flagged down in the town after a car had knocked over a pedestrian over. With an ambulance called the DSO needed some help and knew the patrol were about so asked for some help. On arrival the injuries male had managed to get up and a decision was made to take him to the local minor injuries unit allowing the ambulance to be cancelled.

Heading back to the station a local resident flagged the Coastguard truck down, concerned for a male collapsed in the grounds of the old Grammar School. Sure enough in the old play ground lay a male who appeared unconscious, having found a way in , a rather drunk male confirmed he was having a sleep. Having been joined by the local PSCO the male was escorted out the site and given some words of advice.

Finally at 8pm the team were paged to support colleagues from Dorset and Wilts Fire in the area of the Zig Zag. A fire had been seen in Durlston Bay and there was concern someone was injured in the area. Fire Officers along with Coastguards checked the area and a small fire was found and put out in what appeared to have been a party.

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