Friday, 26 August 2016

Betty and the Snakelocks

No, not a new sci-fi TV series, nor the name of rock band playing in one of Swanage's pubs this Bank Holiday.

Instead, this is about Betty from Andover, and her legs.  Betty is three and was paddling in Studland last week when she suddenly felt a stinging pain on her legs and saw a large rash developing. 
Betty's legs - taken and published with permission from Betty's family

It seems that Betty had been stung by a snakelocks anemone, a sea anemone often found in shallow waters of the South West.  This is the second incident like this we have seen this year.  Whilst pictures will show long flowing tentacles with purple tips (see Wikipedia), it can just as easily resemble and be mistaken for seaweed, and you wont know you've been stung until it is too late.

Snakelocks anemone on a South Coast beach
The team advised the family to wash the leg thoroughly with cold water and then introduced them to NT staff who offered some sting relieving spray.  The trick is not to rub the area as the sting can be transferred to other parts of the body on the hand.

Finally, Betty had a chance to look around our truck (MRU), to see some of the kit we've got and to press a couple of buttons to make the lights work - NO!, please not the red one!! - all of which hopefully cheered her up a little.

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