Thursday, 9 June 2016

Purbeck Arts Festival

The Purbeck Art Festival is currently on so the team have got their paint brushes out and got on with a project.

To assist the team and the public of where they are on the beach the wooden gyones are numbered.

The numbers have recently worn down so we are in the process of repainting them - the Town Council kindly supply the paint and stencils and the Coastguard team provide the man power.

Subject to the rumours the Station Officer was not painting his initials on.

The first numbered gyone should be number 3 as during  the beach recharge number one was removed as not required , number two is the banjo jetty by the clock tower, however to keep things simple we have numbered them 1 to 18

Sheps hollow is number 18.

There are few more to do but hopefully we can finish the repaint soon.

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