Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Purbeck Handprints

The team have been nominated for " Best in Purbeck Award 2016" for the best blogger in Purbeck.

Competition is tight and at the weekend one of our competitors declared the battle lines so we have had a rethink about our blog.

You may have noticed, business is a little quiet for us at the moment which is of course is good news but not when writing blogs !

Our accident prevention strategies seem to be working well so clearly with a competition to win we are widening our blog

Now our competitor runs a wildlife blog ( others are available of course ) so we have decided to enter the market of wildlife photography  under the name of "Purbeck Handprints"

Some sort of snail not in need of rescuing in the area of South Swanage.

Well we all start somewhere ...... Let's see how our competitor responds


Helen Baggott said...

I think you've nailed it with that one.

Swanage Coastguard said...

or should that be " snailed" it !!!