Sunday, 3 January 2016

After the rain......

After that deluge of rain, the team deployed on patrol to check the local hotspots.

King George's Car Park , luckily those cars were just in the dry.

The flood system checked for the environment agency - protecting the town thankfully.

Washpond lane - living up to its name.

Top of wash pond lane.

Ulwell Road , where the road was awash and in danger of flooding a resident.

Team deployed to slow traffic and stop waves entering the little cottage.

We would like to remind drivers to avoid flood water.
Only proceed if its safe to do so , slow down when approaching flooded roads but keep revs up. Aways check the depth, never proceed if the depth is more than the bottom of you tyres.

It is also an offence to purposely speed up to soak the poor residents who were clearing the drains. Two vehicles were seen to do this on the main road and put other road users at risk.

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