Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Community Defibrillator goes into service.

On the 7th October 2004 , Mike "Spike" Williamson collapsed and died in the town despite the efforts of Paramedics.

Spike was the assistant pier master and a valued member of the Coastguard team for 30 years.

In memory of Spike a community project to provide a defibrillator finally was realised and went into service on Saturday.

The device was provided via the De Moulham Trust which provides funding for community projects which directly benefit the community of Swanage.

The trustees felt this project fitted the values of the trust and provided funding for two devices along with a local business which provided a training device.

HM Coastguard very kindly agreed to the siting of the device on the Coastguard building in North Beach Car Park off De Moulham Road. The siting at this location was choose to cover the North end of Swanage.

At the start of the month South Western Ambulance officially approved the device and most importantly added it to their system so the public would be given access to the code to open the box in an emergency.

In an emergency that may require the device, it is really important to call 999 and ask for the Ambulance.

There are full instructions next to the cabinet but these will be given by the Ambulance if you call 999.

There are further devices at

Tourist Information Centre Shore Road Swanage ( Inside)

Masonic Lodge Marshal Row Swanage

A further device is now being sought for Station Road in Swanage.

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