Saturday, 14 February 2015

We are keeping our Brian

Readers may be aware that a horse called Brian, training to be a police horse may be renamed to fit the tougher image of police horses.

This caused a stir on station and an emergency debate on whether "Brian" was a suitable name for a rough tough volunteer Coastguard.

Thankfully after..... About 3 seconds we decided that our Brian would not officially be renamed unless public demand warrants it.

Brian the Coastguard faces many YEARS of tests before knowing if is really a tough Coastguard. Here speaking to his best friend Ruth (sat to his left)

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John B said...

Brian & Ruth sat on the side line bench looking out to sea. Still looking for that boat hook to be washed up on the shoreline somewhere!! It's bound to turn up one day! Keep up the good work Brian, we won't change your name either. Yet.