Monday, 29 December 2014

Mountain Biker Casualty - Godlingston Hill

Late this afternoon the Swanage Coastguard team were tasked to Godlingston Hill to assist South West Ambulance Trust who were attending a mountain biker who had fallen from his bike.

The area is well known to us having attended numerous mountain bike accidents, sadly this includes fatalities. The chap today came off relatively unscathered other than a broken bone. Much of the impact was taken by his helmet.

The hill is very steep and invites mountain bike riders who like a bit of downhill speed, to travel faster than perhaps they should. The track is particularly bumpy and should be avoided in cold icy conditions like today. On warmer days cyclists need to watch out for walkers.

Helicopter Rescue 106 was released to assist but given the light, weather conditions, slopes and power lines it was considered that an extraction using the Coastguard 4WD was a safer option.

Thanks to Ben Bowman at Godlingston Farm for pitching in - and fixing the gate.

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