Friday, 2 August 2013

Off shore wind causes problems at Swanage

The strong offshore wind caused two incidents this afternoon in Swanage.

The Station Officer noticed a dinghy being blown out to sea off Shore Road Swanage and then one of the occupants jump into the water and start struggling in the water. A second person then jumped into the water to assist the 1st person and at this point an immediate call to Portland coastguard started the rescue response.

Portland Coastguard immediately tasked the RNLI inshore lifeboat and Coastguard team.

A pedalo along with the hire boat owner went to the assistance of the two in the water and brought them ashore to the Coastguard team. The lifeboat went and picked up the dinghy and brought it shore.

Due to the amount of water one of the young males had swallowed an ambulance was called.

During this incident a further dinghy was seen to be blown out to sea and again the RNLI lifeboat responded but confirmed all was well. It was then a family member of the 1st incident started to suffer chest pains so 1st aid was given until the ambulance arrived

The 2nd dinghy was then seen to get into further trouble so the inshore lifeboat returned and brought the two ashore to the waiting Coastguards.

Coastguards and the lifeboat crew remained in the area for a while to ensure no one else got into trouble.

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