Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Roger and Ruth

Regular readers may recall our new team member Ruth Lee who joined the team last week.

Roger has taken it under his wing to help Ruth find her way around and show her the ropes, and tonight he kindly offered to take her to training over at Peveril.  Properly seat belted in, and with the trade mark arm on the window ledge Ruth seemed to thoroughly enjoy the trip, although Roger reckons she was a bit quiet.
On arrival at the training site, Ruth was helped out of Roger's Land Rover and unceremoniously thrown down a steep hillside, landing in a heap at the bottom. 

Ruth Lee - great for those car sharing lanes where you need 2+ people
Ruth was safely recovered and returned to the station where we debriefed the exercise over a mug of tea. Her next public appearance will be on Sunday morning when we have our team Rope Rescue re-assessment  at St Aldhelms Head.  Now she knows what's in store, I wonder if she'll be quite as keen...

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