Saturday, 20 March 2010

Sharks to Target Foreign Football Fans!

They don’t half write some rubbish in the newspapers. Apparently the South African Coastguard has hired extra shark spotters during the World Cup. I have no problems with this, sounds sensible given the increased numbers of tourists who may want to paddle.

However, the paper states;

“Patrols have been strengthened along South Africa's coastline amid fears Great Whites could target foreign tourists during the event.”

“A spokesman for Sharks Board, Harry Mbambo, said: "There is often a lot of shark activity around South Africa and we were concerned for the safety of foreign football fan who come here for the World Cup.””

Um hang on..... I know Great White Sharks are intelligent fish and top predators, but I doubt very much they have had a big get together one evening and decided to ‘target foreign tourists during the event’ them....that sounds awfully organized. The fish I have in my fishtank couldn’t even organise themselves to swim in a straight line.

And seriously how will these rotten sharks know if it’s a football fan? Check their pockets for ticket stubs or see if they are wearing the Portuguese Football team away strip. Even I don’t know what the Portuguese away strip looks like, so I doubt the sharks do either...unless they have the internet and Google it. Which would be just be plain silly because sharks don’t have fingers so couldn’t press the keys. Even if they did they’d need a laptop and I doubt very much they get wireless broadband underwater.

It’s not like these sharks are going to try and eat/collect football fans like some Panini Soccer Sticker Album. So it all sounds a bit silly.

To be fair, Argentinean Footballer Maradona would make one big lunch!

Hand of God? ......hand in the biscuit barrel more like.

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