Saturday, 30 May 2009

Blues & Two's

The other day when our vehicle was going through town to a report of a male stuck on the cliff, a wife of one of team overheard a conversation in Boots, " Do they have to use those things" referring to our blue lights and siren".
She bit her tongue and didn't say anything on this occasion, however I will,

The use of the blue lights and siren is given to the Coastguard to aid our progress to an emergency. It does not exempt us from the high way code and in fact we do not get all the allowances that other emergency services do.

I'm sure if it was your loved one stuck on the cliff you would like us to attend as quickly as possible.

And finally next time you drive down Institute Road in your car, see how many people step into the road, as an emergency driver this is very scary hence the use of the siren to warn people of our presence.

Our team are fully aware of the uses of the siren and blue light, its factory set so we cant turn it up or down, its there as a warning to others and the team are instructed when and when not to use it.


ekoepe said...

good blog...

Anonymous said...

He'll never sell any icecream going at that speed.